Protect Your Equipment With The Mighty 6PFB30A Series Fuse Holder

The safety of power supply is important, protect your equipment from power surges, short circuits, and other dangerous conditions with the 6PFB30A Series Fuse Holder. This 6-way fuse box is compact, but mighty. Each of the fuse terminals can take an input voltage of 12-24VDC and can handle a maximum of 30A per circuit. The box is made of environmentally-friendly PBT material and is also rated 94 V-0 flame retardant. 


Additional features include:


  •          Waterproof fuse panel with an easy latch, damp-proof cover
  •          Tin-plated copper 0.25" quick connect terminals
  •          Torque rating of 20in-lb (2.25 Nm) max
  •          Mounting torque rating of 8in-lb (0.9Nm) max


The ability to easily connect components and accessories to any of the 6 available fuse protected circuits, makes the 6PFB30A Series Fuse Holder the perfect choice for a variety of equipment. 

Don’t leave your fleet vulnerable, protect them with this versatile fuse holder today. Click the button below or contact any of our sales representatives at 800-447-3693 to place your order!